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Any property can be at risk of infestation by rats or mice; the most common rodent pests in the UK. The first you may know of it is noises in the loft and wall cavities or by finding droppings in or near any food storage areas.

A rodent infestation must be dealt with as quickly as possible. This will prevent the infestation growing and protect your property from damage and increasing risks to health and safety.

Legal obligations. Rats and mice have the potential to spread serious disease. All properties, including non-food premises, have legal obligations to make sure that rats are controlled.

  • The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 which requires premises to be kept rodent free
  • Any food business is subject to the requirements contained in the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 and must protect themselves from rat or mice infestations


Rats damage and contaminate food stuffs. They are responsible for considerable damage to property. Rats need to gnaw frequently to keep their incisor teeth, which grow constantly, at an optimum size. They will gnaw on furniture, doors, pipework and have been known to cause fires by gnawing and stripping away the insulation on electrical cables. Rats shred their nesting material from whatever they find to be suitable. This can cause costly damage to insulation, soft furnishing, carpets, packaging materials and clothing. If unchecked rat burrows can cause damage to the structure of buildings, which often entails costly remedial works.

Rats can spread diseases to humans, usually through those carried in rat urine. These include Leptospirosis or Weil's disease and Hantavirus. Rats also carry a number of organisms, including Salmonella bacteria, Listeria and Toxoplasma Gondi, all of which can be damaging to human health. In addition rats are host to numerous parasites: fleas, mites, nematodes, ticks and worms.

Alpha Pest Control will work with you to take prompt action at the first sign of any rat infestation. This is essential as rat populations can increase at an incredible rate once they are established.


Unfortunately mice are found in buildings extremely frequently. In most cases by the time the signs of mice have been observed they will often be well established. Mice are known to spread diseases and often transfer bacteria when they cross or brush against any surface.

Mice contaminate food stuffs, packaging and surfaces with their urine (frequent urination is one of the ways mice communicate with each other). They gnaw in the same way that rats do to maintain the length of their incisor teeth. Mice will shred a variety of soft materials for their nests.

Alpha Pest Control will work with you to help recognise the first sign of any mice infestation and deal with it effectively and safely.

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