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Serving the pest control needs of your business

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At Alpha Pest Control we believe in providing our commercial clients with a bespoke service tailored to the individual requirements of your business.

We specialise in providing environmentally sound Pest Control Services individually designed for the needs of your business. Our policies and practices ensure the least impact on the environment whilst maintaining public health and protecting products, materials and infrastructure.

Alpha Pest Control provides services to a diverse range of clients in the commercial sector including the food industry, farms, local authorities, hospitals and wildlife reserves, sports and leisure organisations including football clubs, the construction industry and architectural services.

Bespoke Pest Prevention and Control Services

As a valued client you will receive:

  • A free survey and situation analysis
  • An environmental assessment considering any geographical issues
  • 24-hour call out service
  • A designated pest-control technician local to the area
  • Our comprehensive Pest Control Policy (including: detailed documentation up-to-date with the latest legislation and compliant with audits)
  • Expertise from technicians with over 30 years experience in pest control
  • An expert and comprehensive service delivered by accredited professionals
  • A diverse range of products sourced from across Europe to ensure minimal damage to the environment

Alpha Pest Control's services include:

  • Bird and rodent proofing and netting
  • Electric fly killers
  • Fly screens
  • Sanitary services
  • Cleaning
  • Common insect pests (wasps, fleas, flying insects, bed bugs and cockroaches)
  • Environmental assessment using methods which limit effects to natural habitats and encourage sustainability

Service Level Agreements

The majority of our commercial clients purchase our services on a contractual basis, as they find that it offers them the most cost-effective solution whilst providing competitive pricing, flexibility, a quality service and peace of mind.

The benefits and advantages of a contracted pest control service with Alpha Pest Control are numerous, with many being unique to the requirements of our clients. Our controlling procedures include the following stages to ensure a thorough and effective investigation into each situation we encounter:

A review of the pest risk at the area - monitoring devices to alert the potential onset of infestation
Use of a range of toxic or non-toxic indicators to ensure the least damage to the environment
Survey of site within an environmental context; applying methods to encourage biodiversity
Thorough investigations of the external structure of the buildings paying particular attention to potential ingress points of rodents and bird pests
Internal inspection of buildings paying particular attention to voids
Fully documented, chronological record of site activity displayed in our comprehensive Pest Control Policy
Advice on all aspects of pest eradication, deterrent and hygiene associated with client premises

Alpha Pest Control will design a unique pest control contract to suit the requirements of your business. This involves a detailed survey of your pest control requirements, consulting with you so that we thoroughly understand the needs of your business and how the way you work influences any pest control issues.

Advice on keeping your business Pest-Free

Technical Advice

As part of our service, Technical Advice on all manner of Pest Prevention issues is normally free of charge to our customers. Your pest control technician is very experienced and will probably be able to assist on day-to-day topics. If necessary, however, advice can be sought from colleagues that have specialist knowledge in particular areas of expertise.


When required Alpha Pest Control can provide training for your staff. This can be on any pest control subject and will be designed specifically for the needs of your staff and business.

Safe Effective Professional

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Commercial Services

  • Long term management
  • Bespoke services
  • Comprehensive service agreements
  • Pest proofing
  • Technical advice and training