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A bird infestation problem at your premises poses a number of serious problems, both to the structure of the building and to your business, customers, people traffic and public access areas. A successful bird deterrent programme requires timing, organization, persistence and diversity. Alpha Pest Control has experience of establishing professional, effective and sustainable bird control solutions for a wide range of clients.

Alpha Pest Control will undertake a free survey to analyse your individual circumstances and to offer a feasible and cost-effective way of putting in place the right solution for your bird infestation problem.


We have many years experience in flying falcons and hawks to disperse and remove problem birds, such as seagulls and pigeons. We are responsible for the bird control at a large number of sites throughout the country, such as industrial sites, hospitals, factories, schools, farms, stadiums, landfill sites and shopping centres.

Falconry is a natural, humane and environmentally friendly deterrent to nuisance birds. The presence of the hawk or falcon alone is enough to deter these species from a site; the objective is not to kill any birds, but to scare them away from the premises.

Hawks and falcons are a legal way to deal with birds which are protected from lethal methods of reduction. Furthermore, this service is much more discreet than netting, air horns or other methods of bird deterrence.

Bird Prevention and Deterrence Systems

As well as flying based control we also offer static solutions in a bespoke designed solution created for your venue. The measures we use include: Bird Netting Systems, Point Prevention Systems and Spring Wires.

Our technicians will explain all the available and appropriate options during your free consultation.

Bird Fouling - Cleansing

Bird fouling, the presence of nesting debris, the smell, the associated secondary pests - such as insects - and, in certain circumstances, the noise can all have have a negative impact on your business. Bird droppings will cause damage to the structure of your buildings in a number of ways: they have an acidic content which corrodes paintwork and masonry and, in extreme circumstances, the weight of bird fouling can cause structural damage to roofs, chimneys and roof or wall mounted machinery; such as air conditioning equipment or air intakes for machinery. Droppings, nesting materials and feathers will block guttering, down pipes, vents and chimneys causing water damage, damage to machinery or ventilation and heating problems.

Birds pose a considerable health risk due the the sheer number of diseases and bacteria associated with their droppings, nests and the secondary pests they carry.

Because of the health and safety risks involved with the removal of bird nests, droppings and fouling only trained personnel using appropriate equipment and PPE should undertake these tasks.

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